Get Strong. Be Empowered

self defense + strength training

Want to learn to protect yourself while also building strength, endurance, and confidence? Build muscle, burn fat, and learn simple, yet effective self defense techniques. In this day and age, it's necessary to know how to defend yourself. Don't wait until you've been attacked to learn self defense. Build lean muscle and find your inner badass.


Train your body Train your mind

Build lean muscle through functional resistance training designed to change your body

Build your self defense skills with basic martial arts such as muay thai and jiu jitsu

Build a relationship and keep you accountable with weekly check-ins and access to call, text, or email me anytime

Build your confidence by focusing on what your body can accomplish and taking the focus off the number on the scale


    One on One

    Self Defense and Strength Training


    Mobile Training
    Self Defense + Strength Training + Nutrition

    Initial consultation and phone call to discuss goals and expectations

    Access to training app with your monthly schedule of workouts

    New workouts each week based on your needs and goals

    Freedom to train around your schedule

    Weekly 20 minute accountability phone call

    Online one on one training

    Goal setting and tracking

    Shifting our focus to building confidence within ourselves, not externally

    Unlimited communication and support from me

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