Enjoy the foods you love

while still fueling your body and meeting your goals

Tired of stopping and starting your diet again? We're here to say goodbye to diets and hello to freedom. No more restrictions and unnecessary rules. Stop obsessing over every meal and learn how to fuel your body without constantly stressing over calories.

Let’s change your perspective on food and learn how to have a balanced diet that is realistic, effective, and allows you enjoy the foods you love.

During the coaching process, you will have my unlimited support and be able to communicate with me at any time if you have questions or just need to talk. It’s time to stop the yo-yo diet cycle, stop punishing ourselves, stop feeling guilty, and start enjoying food and living life.



    Stop counting calories and obsessing over food

    Create healthy habits that are realistic and effective

    Learn how to eat intuitively

    Enjoy food and stop feeling guilty about indulging


    How it works

    working with me

    The process starts with you filling out a consultation form and then we’ll schedule 20-30 minute phone to get to know each other more! We’ll analyze your current food intake, identify individual obstacles, set realistic goals, learn how to grocery shop and build healthy meals, and discover a new way to think about food. This is not me handing you a meal plan and hoping for the best. We are going to dive deep and fix the internal problems behind your food struggles


    What's Included

    Initial nutrition consultation intake

    Food diary assessment and recommendations

    Identifying your individual obstacles

    Weekly check - ins and habit stacking

    Learning basic nutrition and mindset tools

    Teaching you how to eat intuitively

    Setting you up for success to do it on your own

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