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How to set boundaries

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Setting boundaries is an essential skill that we all need to put into practice in our every day lives. It is also an integral part of self defense. What we allow to happen in our life will continue until we set boundaries and stick to them. If we have people in our lives that consistently disrespect us, make us uncomfortable, …

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Self defense comes in many forms

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When people think of self defense, I imagine they are picturing a girl beating up some big dude with some secret ninja move that completely incapacitates him. Or maybe not. But usually we associate self defense with the most brutal crimes like rape, kidnapping, and murder. But self defense is useful in many other situations that we come across in …

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The truth about self defense

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Self defense seminars are becoming increasingly popular with the rising threat of violence in our world today. More and more people, women especially, don’t feel safe walking down the road by themselves. Some of these seminars claim to give you techniques that will help you defend against any attacker, no matter their size or strength. I love that more and …