Self Defense: Escaping a Front Choke Attack

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Being attacked in any capacity is a scary thing. Someone attempting to choke us while attacking us is another level of scary because we know this person really wants to do harm to us. Plus, if their hands are tight enough, we are likely losing oxygen to our brain which slows our reaction time down. It’s not an ideal situation to be in, to say the least.

There are a few different ways to escape a front choke and it depends on what direction they attack you from. The defense is different when being pressed against a wall versus being out in the open. Today, we are going over what to do when being choked against a wall.

Often times in self defense demonstrations, people will first show the victim kneeing or kicking the attacker in the groin or stomach. This is a great attack, but it should not be our first response. We must address the choke first. If we don’t, we could end up passed out on the ground not able to defend ourselves at all. So, we must break the grip from the neck first and then strike.

Here are the steps needed to escape this attack;

  1. Get your base so you are stable.
  2. Control the hands around your neck.
  3. Push the attacker’s opposite hand off the neck by using your hand on their wrist and pushing the arm out to the side
  4. Keep control of the wrist and create space between you and the attacker.
  5. Strike the attacker (knee to the stomach or groin)
  6. Push them away
  7. Run to safety

Watch the video below to see it demonstrated and each piece of the technique broken down. When you are done watching the video, practice for 10 minutes with a partner or until you feel solid with this technique.