Hair Grab Attacks

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Hair grab attacks are super common especially for women who have long hair. Flowing long hair or a ponytail makes an easy target for someone to just grab on to and get control of you. When someone grabs your hair, it can be very debilitating and scary.

The head controls the body and when someone has control of your head, they can move you as they please. They could easily drag you to the floor or to another location to hurt you further. This is also a common attack during street fights between females. It’s easy to grab on to the hair and starting throwing punches at the same time.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself and escape from this type of attack. The most important thing is to get back control of your head. We do this by placing both of our hands securely on top of the attackers hands that are on our hair or head. We also want to get our base with our legs spread wide, sitting heavy into our hips and feet to slow the attacker down.

Now that we have a little more control, we can use our defense technique to lock out their wrist and shoulder. Once you have control of the hand, you are going to roll under their arm and rotate your body so you are behind the attacker. Still holding on to their hands, you can twist the wrist and bring the shoulder behind their back, making it very uncomfortable for them. From here, they will likely let go due to the pressure on their shoulder. If they don’t, you can push the lock further and break the shoulder joint or try to strike them with knees and kicks to the back of the legs. Keeping doing so until they let go, then get away to safety as quickly as you can.

To see this move demonstrated and broken down, watch the video below.