Self Defense: Palm strike vs fist punch

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Almost every movie I’ve ever seen, when someone gets attacked, they always respond with a big sucker punch which usually escalates into more fist fighting. What would you do if someone tried to come up and start a fight with you? Or tried to grab you and take you away?

While punching can definitely hurt an attacker, that’s not our best option. The truth is, if you aren’t used to punching things with your bare hands (most of us aren’t), then using your fists to punch an attacker could cause you to break your hand or fingers. Our goal when we are attacked is to hurt the attacker, get to safety, and do so with as little damage to ourselves as possible.

So even though it might feel cool to throw some punches, a better option would be a palm strike. Your palm is durable and can still do real damage to someone trying to hurt you. Watch the video below to learn how to throw a proper palm strike.