Self defense comes in many forms

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When people think of self defense, I imagine they are picturing a girl beating up some big dude with some secret ninja move that completely incapacitates him. Or maybe not. But usually we associate self defense with the most brutal crimes like rape, kidnapping, and murder.

But self defense is useful in many other situations that we come across in our life. It’s not always about preparing for the worst. It’s about being prepared for anything. Here are some situations where self defense could be useful:

  • A foster mom who has been threatened by her foster child’s biological parents
  • A boyfriend who pushes you around and verbally puts you down
  • A driver who thinks you cut him off and seems irate and irrational
  • A co-worker who touches you inappropriately and makes comments about your body
  • A family member who hugs you just a little too long
  • A teen who is getting bullied at school
  • A traveling nurse who has no idea what she’s walking into sometimes
  • A guy at the bar wants to buy you a drink and won’t leave you alone

These are scenarios where self defense training can equip you to react confidently. Self defense is not always a violent response. It simply means we are not allowing anyone to invade our physical and mental space in a way that we don’t want them to and we stop anyone that crosses that line.

A huge component of self defense is awareness and deescalation. Part of training is learning how to assess and situation and determine what reaction is needed. I teach all of my students deescalation tactics to calm the situation down in a peaceful way, if possible. We don’t want to use violence or make the situation worse if we don’t have to. Kicking them in the groin or striking them in the nose isn’t always the answer.

We must learn different strategies to manage these different levels of threats we may come across. It takes consistent training of the mind and body to truly be confident in your skills and know you can handle any situation that may happen. Sometimes it’s as simple as making your boundaries clear to the attacker and letting them know that you are not going to be an easy victim to let them know, it’s not worth it.

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