The truth about self defense

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Self defense seminars are becoming increasingly popular with the rising threat of violence in our world today. More and more people, women especially, don’t feel safe walking down the road by themselves. Some of these seminars claim to give you techniques that will help you defend against any attacker, no matter their size or strength. I love that more and more women are taking steps to learn to defend themselves and those putting on these courses usually mean well. But if you think a 2 hour self defense course you learned last year is going to help you in an adrenaline pumping situation where you’re being attacked by someone who definitely wants to do you harm, you’re delusional.

If you’ve never actually been in a real fight or faced with a violent attack, you don’t really know how you’re going to react. When those adrenal glands start working and your fight or flight mode is activated, you don’t have time to think, you just react. As a fighter, I train my body day in and day out, same movements over and over again, until my muscles remember the move. Once my body and muscles remember the movement, my mind doesn’t have to. I train myself to react a certain way if my opponent moves a certain way or tries a particular submission. The last thing I want to have to do when I’m in the cage, the crowd screaming my name, and someone trying to smash my face in, is think long and hard about how I’m going to react.

Muscle memory is everything and you won’t get that in a two hour seminar. Just like you have to consistently diet and exercise for you to see your body change, you have to train self defense regularly in order for it be effective. If you’re attacked, you want to be able to just react accordingly, not think. Stopping to think could cost you your life.

There’s no secret sauce or some Middle Eastern special technique that will save you. Basic martial arts should be a mixture of elbows, knees, wrist escapes, situational training, and some basic jiu jitsu in order to effectively arm yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that size and strength doesn’t matter. Size and strength do matter and if you are a women, you are at a disadvantage. These techniques will put you at less of a disadvantage and give you more confidence. Confidence scares criminals.

Let’s get one thing straight. Self defense is not looking for a fight or trying to prove your a bad-ass. Your first line of defense should be awareness and avoidance of risky situations. Aware of your surroundings, who your spending time with, what you post online, and what’s going on around you. Criminals look for easy targets and if you don’t make yourself look like an easy target, then chances are, you won’t even need to use this training.

If you happen to get into an altercation, your main goal is always to hurt the attacker and get away as fast as you can to safety. We don’t want to stick around to see what happens. I teach basic martial art skills and have clients practice the techniques consistently until they are proficient in them and they become muscle memory. This, along with strength and endurance training, will give you more of an advantage over an attacker. You don’t know how you’re really going to react in a violent situation, but training your mind and body will allow you to not be totally helpless and unprepared.

This is what I do in my self defense training for women and teens. Don’t wait until after you’re attacked to learn self defense. Be proactive and arm yourself. If you’re interested in booking me for a self defense seminar, please contact me directly!