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What is shoulder mobility and how to get more of it

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We use our shoulders for a lot of things; hold, lift, carry, press, push. Chances are, if you don’t do any sort of mobility or flexibility training, you’re shoulders are probably tight which could cause pain or injury. It’s easy to skip stretching, but you’ll pay for it during your workouts and throughout your day. Improving the mobility and range …

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The basics of intuitive eating

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This might sound like a new term to you and it may seem like another diet plan. Let’s get one thing straight. This is the furthest thing from a diet or meal plan. Intuitive eating is breaking the rules of diet culture and learning how to have healthy relationship with food. It’s basically a fancy term for learning to eat …

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The truth about self defense

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Self defense seminars are becoming increasingly popular with the rising threat of violence in our world today. More and more people, women especially, don’t feel safe walking down the road by themselves. Some of these seminars claim to give you techniques that will help you defend against any attacker, no matter their size or strength. I love that more and …