Diets Don’t Work

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Every year or so, a new, trendy diet method comes out that everyone swears by. Your friends have gotten results so why not try it? Nothing else has worked up to this point so maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for. At first, you’re really dedicated and stick to the diet without fail. Your losing weight and it’s actually working!

Fast forward to a few months later and you’ve hit your weight loss goal. You decide that you’ve been really good and stuck to your diet, now you can indulge and cut yourself some slack. Eventually, you revert back to your old eating habits before the diet started. After a while, you realize all the weight you lost before has come back! 

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If you’ve ever gotten stuck in this endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, you’re not alone. Many have fallen into the diet trap thinking the newest diet is the next best thing and it’s for sure going to work this time. The truth is, diets don’t work. Going on a diet implies that it’s temporary and eventually you’ll go off the diet.

So what gives? How do we find something that works for us on a long term basis? Balance is key in all things in life and diet is no exception to that.  Wouldn’t it be great to go out to eat with friends and order what you want off the menu and not feel bad about it? Don’t you want to eat that extra without wanting to go work it off at the gym the next day? There is something I like to call intuitive eating.

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No counting calories or macros, no more weighing out portions, or constantly obsessing over what to eat. Sounds crazy, right? Intuitive eating is just learning how to listen to your body and building a healthy relationship with food. The focus is on listening to your body’s cues such as hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and don’t overthink what it is you’re eating. If you feel like eating pizza, then eat pizza. Chances are, if you deprive yourself of what you’re craving long enough, you’ll lose control and binge on everything.

It will take time to retrain your brain to stop following all of the made rules we place on ourselves when it comes to food. The truth is, there are no rules. Food is meant to fuel our bodies but also to be enjoyed. This doesn’t mean it’s a free for all and you can eat cookies and cake all day. Finding the balance in nutrition and making peace with food is what we are aiming for.

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To learn more about intuitive eating and stop dieting, contact me about nutrition coaching. I’ll go into much more detail and give you specific tools to help you learn how to eat intuitively. Remember, you’re health matters and the best time to take care of yourself mentally and physically, is now.